Teachers agree: Children are happier after playing and learning outdoors

St Brigid’s Catholic Primary School grade four student Ryan Reynolds works with a team to construct a shelter using a tarp and rope.


Climbing a tree, splashing in a rocky stream, sleeping under the stars were all regular activities for most of us as children.

The outdoors and nature in all its magnificence, was our playground.

As children spend less time outside immersed in the wonders of nature, and more time sitting inside, glued to a screen, children are missing an important lesson: we are a part of nature, not separate from it.

Outdoor Classroom Day is a global campaign bought to Ipswich by Nature Play QLD and Ipswich City Council.

On Thursday more than 300 Ipswich school students from four schools came together in Queens Park for a morning of outdoor play.

Their lessons included building a shelter with a tarp and rope, running a nature market stall and building a giant clock.

St Peters Lutheran College grade three student Jaanvi Kanipaku said she really enjoyed her lessons outside.

“It was really fun because we got to climb up on the rocks without the teachers telling us to get off,” Jaanvi said.

Classmate Amielle Gueiat agreed that it was interesting to spend time outside the classroom for class.

“I like the treasure hunt and we found rocks and our teacher explained how the flow of the creeks affects them. It was very different, I like nature,” Amielle said.

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