The Top 10 Nature Play QLD Resources and Services of 2016!

We’ve recapped the best resources and services Nature Play QLD offered in 2016 to help you get your kids playing and learning outdoors; to improve their health, wellbeing, learning, creativity and more!


1.  Passport to An Amazing Childhood & Online Passport Interface

for children aged 3 to 12.

This widely popular program is free, interactive and provides educators, parents, carers and children access to hundreds of outdoor nature play missions.  Not only are they fun and kids love them, but they’re also educational; teachers use them as lessons or as alternative homework.


2.  Licences to Play (Outdoors)

for children aged 3 to 12.

Watch your kids grow their nature play skills, physical competencies and confidence to play outdoors independently.  This complementary resource to the Passport to An Amazing Childhood program allows them to demonstrate their progress and gain their Nature Play Ls, Ps and Os. 


3.  GROW with Nature Play

for adults with infants and toddlers.

The outdoor play App for parents, carers and early childhood professionals that gets your newborn to 3 year old to benefit from daily nature play, during the vital formative years of their lives.  It features activities to do, information about the benefits to your child’s development, a nature play journal, applications for early childhood professionals or child life specialists, and more.


4.  Nature Playlists

for children aged 0 to 12.

Nature Playlists are our lists of fun things for kids to do outdoors that every child should experience! You’ll never be short of nature play inspiration with these Playlists which collectively contain over 200 things to do; 200 places to go in Queensland; 33 things to do before you’re 1, 2 and 3; 49 things to do before you’re 5; and 51 things to do before you’re 12.


5.  Neighbourhood Nature Play Tips and Ideas

for adults with kids.

These inspire parents, carers and communities to address changing neighbourhood play habits. Use them with your kids to meet and play with other kids in your street, to build connections with your neighbours and to increase confidence within your community for children to play together outside.


6.  Forest Learning Training

for educators of children 0 to 12.

Forest Learning is taking Australia by storm, and Nature Play QLD is leading the way in training educators with our Introduction to Forest Learning Workshops and through the Level 3 Forest Leader Training courses.  These courses have something for everyone, whether you’re starting to integrate nature play into your existing teaching or early years' curriculum, or you’re staring your own Forest Learning School!


7.  Nature Play Spaces

Workshops and consultancy services for adults.

Create your vision for a vibrant nature-based play space in your outdoor area, however big or small! Nature Play QLD sources information, consultancy, workshops and resources to help you develop nature play spaces that are also impressive, stimulating and inspiring.  It’s suitable for transforming your school, educational centre, park or community space, or business.


8. Nature Play Events

for kids, in partnership with local governments and other organisations.

Nature Play events are not only great for kids, but they are SO much fun for everyone involved!  They’re usually free and naturally very popular. They’ve got a history of booking out within 24 hours and attracting national news coverage. Last year, we delivered Logan Muddy Monsters in partnership with Logan City Council.  It was a huge success!  If you’re interested, consider influencing your local government, school or organisation to partner with us to initiate a mud event for your kids! Alternatively, we can give some help to set up your self-produced events. 


9.  Reviving Neighbourhood Nature Play Community Forums

for adults.

These community forums sparked discussions around the community’s role in children’s shifting outdoor play habits and promoting children’s rights to play outdoors.  In attendance were parents, educators, child health and service professionals, journalists, governments, town planners, developers, and others interested in the health and wellbeing of Queensland kids.  Many hundreds of concerned citizens kick-started long-term change in favour of neighbourhood play.  Watch the video to get inspired.


10.  Nature Play Symposium

for adults.

The Nature Play Symposium, ‘Just For The FUN Of It!’ will deliver inspiring and motivating presentations, information, hands-on nature play workshops and lots of opportunities for you to play both indoors and outside.  In 2016, we announced the fantastic array of leading and inspiring keynote speakers and workshop facilitators.  Sure to be a highlight of 2017 and to inspire change in what you already do, this professional development event is not to be missed! 


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