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99 Things To Do Before You're 3 is Nature Play QLD's outdoor play solution for infants and toddlers, aged 0 to 3 years.

The information on this page has since been developed into an App called GROW with Nature Play. It's a practical play app for grown-ups that features heaps of things to do, tips, hints, and all sorts of information about how playing in nature can benefit your baby.

GROW with Nature Play is $2.99 with all proceeds supporting Nature Play QLD's services, programs and resource development to benefit QLD children.

It can be found on Apple Store and Google Play. Read more about GROW with Nature Play here.


Endorsed by one of Australia's leading Paediatric Doctors:

"Excellent, developmental-appropriate suggestions for parents and their young children to enjoy nature. Interacting with nature at a young age can reduce anxiety and improve brain development."

                                                                                        Dr. Desiree Silva, Professor of Paediatrics, WA

The 0 to 3 age group has been broken down into age categories.  There are 33 things to do for each year from 0 to 3 years of age:


See larger copies of these lists below.

What You Need To Know About The 33 Things To Do Lists

99 Things To Do Before You're 3 is based on key developmental milestones, specific to each age group. These areas include: social/emotional, language and communication, learning, thinking and problem solving, movement and physical development.
You can find out more about developmental milestones from the Raising Children website:
All 99 Nature Play activities have been matched to various things that 'just happen' when you take your child outdoors. Most of the activities on these lists can take place in your garden, neighbourhood, local parks, creek, river, lakes or beaches. There are little to no costs involved.

Nature Loves Everyone!

This list will have amazing flow-on effects for mums, dads, siblings, grandparents and carers.  The invigorating and restorative effects of natural areas on the wellbeing of anyone who spends even the smallest amount of time outdoors will happen when you take your child outside to play.

Just Go Outside - Nature Will Do The Rest

Nature is an essential tool for a child's healthy development.  Today's adults grew up outdoors.  The gifts nature gave us as children have helped shape who we are today.  There was no list.  We required no justification to go outside and play, and the gifts nature gave beautifully prepared us for life.  Nature Play QLD hopes this list will remind us grown-ups why nature and outdoor play is vital for children to establish healthy life patterns from the beginning of their lives.

50 Gifts Nature Will Give Your Child!

Key developmental outcomes for 0 to 3 year old children achieved by simply taking your child outdoors to play;

  1. Improves visual tracking and depth perception
  2. Fine tunes hearing
  3. Creates a sense of awe and wonder
  4. Creates a relationship with animals and plants
  5. Grows textural awareness
  6. Develops emotional cues and ability to read facial expressions
  7. Establishes a healthy sense of adventure
  8. Cultivates independence
  9. Develops confidence
  10. Creates opportunities for defiance
  11. Builds strength and agility
  12. Develops a healthy sense of fear
  13. Builds risk assessment skills
  14. Further grows physical fluency
  15. Assists with developing curiosity
  16. Develops fine and gross motor skills
  17. Enables relationship development practice
  18. Facilitates opportunities to develop trust
  19. Creates space to practice speech and communication
  20. Assists with developing empathy
  21. Promotes social aptitude development and practice
  22. Helps grow memory strength
  23. Grows healthy attachment styles
  24. Builds resilience
  25. Grows flexibility and adaptability
  26. Establishes healthy attitudes and behaviour patterns
  27. Begins to learn to regulate own safety
  28. Grows physical core strength
  29. Creates space to express feelings
  30. Creates space to learn pain
  31. Learns natural laws of cause and effect
  32. Learns to follow instructions or rules of games
  33. Expands their world
  34. Expands their vocabulary
  35. Forms interests in sport and other team activities
  36. Grows creativity
  37. Expands problem-solving capacity
  38. Grows care, concern and consideration for others
  39. Creates opportunities to improve physical skills
  40. Helps children discover the wonders of nature and the world around them
  41. Helps children connect to their community
  42. Helps children learn the foundations for universal sustainability
  43. Helps children to recognise their strengths
  44. Develops transitioning skills
  45. Helps child’s learning in caring for nature and living things
  46. Boosts self-confidence
  47. Increases flexibility
  48. Helps build the immune system
  49. Stimulates the imagination
  50. Provides Vitamin D


Download and print these three posters now and start your child on a lifelong love of nature play!  

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