The Realms

5 Realms of Mud World



1. Muddy Monsterland 

A muddy playground specifically for the wee little ones (0-2 years old) or ‘muddlings’ as we call them! You will find a muddy emporium of excitement. Peruse the shops, order a mud pie from the Mud Pie Bakery where you will find the finest earthly delights, and order a muddaccino at the Café le Mud with the best MUDistas in Brisbane. Mud Sketching and Mud Sculpting are there for the budding true artists to come and master the skills of mud. Your little muddlings will certainly leave content, laid back and overflowing with creativity.


2. Village of Mud 

Village of mud is the largest, widest and vastest puddle of mud you will ever see! This massive oval of mud is also the home to the one and only Ginger Sports soccer program who are brave enough to come play soccer in the mud! A giant mud pit and mud puddle for all ages is the heart of Mud World. In this wide open space, kids and adults will be able to splash, slosh, loll and roll about in this realm and it will definitely glow in their memories for days to come. 


3. Mud Mania 

DANGER - The mud mania realm is not for the faint hearted. This is a squirmish of mud. You will be supplied goggles and pats on the back. This muddy mayhem is for the fast, the strong and the courageous. Run through the maze of mud on the lookout for adventure. This will be exhilarating, kids will plunge and squelch, duck and dive, but most importantly revel in the muckiness of MUD.


4. Land Slide 

The speed and laughter on these slippery slopes will make kids' belly butterflies shiver with tickling joy. You will find yourself circling back and forth around this peak of slippery mud. You will lose the ground under your feet as it is turned into a great murky mess of fun. 


5. The Great Muddy Mountain Range 

Come conquer the Great Muddy Mountain Range. Slip and slide down avalanches of mud! Up, down and through the great mounds of mud! This will be your chance to climb and slide your way through the fun of Mud World! If you didn’t manage to soil your pants (or skirts) this far into the realms, this mountain range will definitely do the job.





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