Summer 2 Remember - 30 Day Nature Play Challenge


Make the pledge, and turns these holidays into a Summer 2 Remember, with our 30 Day Nature Play Challenge.

Nature and the great outdoors provides the spaces and places where everyone can have the time of their lives! 

Do think you can make 30 days straight of outdoor play? Make the pledge and take the challenge!




Summer 2 Remember – 30 Day Challenge Guidelines 

Taking the 30 Day Nature Play Challenge is simple, you just: 

  • Go outdoors to play, every day for 30 days straight 
  • Every outdoor play session is a minimum of 2 hours long 
  • Make sure you are Sun Safe while playing outdoors 


Be Inspired: Introducing Hunter!

Hunter was the inspiration for this Summer 2 Remember 30 Day Challenge.


He is an 11 year old self professed 'screen addict', who called up Nature Play QLD for guideance with a 3 day digital detox challenge he undertook for a school project. Needless to say we were very impressed... but not nearly as impressed as we were when we saw the final videos!

"I'm finally getting into the habit of having no screens, and having fun without them" - Hunter.

Hunter felt so good after his 3 day detox that he's jumped on board for this 30 day challenge.

Thank you Hunter for letting us be part of this journey with you, and for allowing us to use these videos to inspire other kids to get outdoors.


Let Us Inspire You!

At Nature Play QLD we love to inspire you and your children to get outdoors into nature, and we have developed a wealth of resources over the years to help us achieve just this. Read on, and be inspired!


Australia's Physical Activity and Sedentary Behaviour Guidelines*

Child's Age Daily Screen Time Recommendation Daily Physical Activity Recommendation
< 2yrs 0 hours min 3hrs
2 - 5 yrs < 1 hour min 3hrs
5 - 12 yrs < 2 hours min 1hr vigorous activity

*View a comprehensive list of Australia's Physical Activity and Sedentary Behaviour Guidelines here




30 Day Nature Play Challenge: Heroes Quest to find the Ultimate Nature Players 

We are on the hunt to find the Ultimate Nature Players who are willing and able to POWER-UP their 30 Nature Play Challenge. 

To achieve this, you will:  

  • Complete all the above guidelines of the Summer 2 Remember 30 Day Nature Play Challenge as well as… 
  • Go on a DIGITAL DETOX and see how long you can go screen free

This means detoxing from all screens. YES ALL SCREENS! 

This WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE! Are you up for it?


Optional - Document And Share Your Story 

Be a part of inspiring other kids to do the same by documenting your challenge (whichever one you choose!) with either written blogs, photos or videos. Share the FUN by recording what you did, who you did it with, what you thought about it... anything at all! It is up to you.   

How to share your story: 

Blog: Upload direct to our website, or email your story to us at [email protected] 

Photos: Join the Summer2Remember Facebook Group to share your pics and stories and invite your friends to join too!  We may share some of those also on our Nature Play QLD Facebook page. Share your pics also on our Instagram page*  

Video: create a YouTube channel, and share it to our Summer2Remember Facebook Group page* 

*include #summer2remember and #natureplayqld so we can find you! 


11 year old Hunter was the first to share his story with us, which resulted in him receiving media attention, including a feature in the Courier Mail and on 7 News Brisbane.

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