Under Eights Week

Under Eights Week runs from the 17th to the 24th of May, and is a fantistic opportunity to take part in all sorts of exciting nature play and outdoor learning activities, to get our children active and engaged. Here are some quick tips and links for helping you plan a nature play inspired Under Eights Week!

  • Check out and download our free playlists and challenge the children to complete as many challenges as they can.
  • Why not try out some of our free curriculum mapped outdoor learning lesson plans.
  • Invite one of our official Nature Play QLD Activity Providers to your school for an exciting incursion.
  • Hold a 'Loose Parts Play' day. The possibilities are endless! Access resources to help here.
  • Have cubby building competition.
  • Publish our free playlists in your school newsletter and on social media to share awareness and ideas with families.
  • Create and run a mud play kitchen.
  • Create a nature play obstacle course with hay bale hurdles, pine cone shot put and stick javalin.
  • Hold a whole school treasure hunt.
  • Build bug hotels and go on a bug hunt.
  • Run a 'Wild Art' outside competition around the school.
  • Hold a sponsored tree plant or make plans for a school garden.
  • Head outside early for some extra unstructured free play.
  • Ask children to interview their parents to find out how they used to play.
  • Above all, ask the children for their ideas and how they would like to celebrate!

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