Walks and Wildlife at Venman Bushland National Park

For kids, going on a bush walk is an exciting adventure that awakens all the senses. The smells of wildflowers and eucalyptus, the feel of tree bark or smooth stones, the sound of birds in the trees, seeing the beauty of nature all around and enjoying a tasty snack or picnic. These are the things that memories are made of, and Venman Bushland National Park is the perfect place for bringing out everyone’s inner explorer and wildlife spotter!


About Venman Bushland National Park

Venman Bushland National Park is located on West Mount Cotton Road in Mount Cotton. It is a 415-hectare area of natural bushland, including open forest of eucalypt and melaleuca trees, paperbark trees along Tingalpa Creek and its tributaries, and areas of lowland rainforest.

Originally private land, Venman Bushland National Park is the legacy of one inspirational man, John (Jack) Burnett Venman, who bought the land as a virtual wasteland and regenerated it while keeping eager developers at bay. Not only that, but he created walking tracks and built barbecues and tables and chairs so that the area and all its natural beauty could be enjoyed by visitors. And by deeding the land to the council, he ensured its protection from developers and secured it as an environmental reserve for future generations of people and wildlife to enjoy.

Visiting the national park and sharing this amazing history with them (which you can read more about here) can be a great way to introduce them to the importance of conservation and the proof that a single person can make a huge difference. 


Walking trails at the park

There are two walking trails at Venman Bushland National Park. The Tingalpa Creek Circuit is a 2.5km loop that will take about an hour and a half to complete. The Venman Circuit is 7.5km and can take around 4 hours. This trail also links to trails in the Koala Bushland Coordinated Conservation Area. The tracks are well maintained but sturdy shoes are recommended. There are also several creek crossings over stepping stones, which kids are sure to love but prams may not. 


Wildlife and nature

The array of trees, wildflowers and flowering shrubs are great for little nature lovers to look out for. The national park is also home to some amazing wildlife, including koalas, sugar gliders, possums, swamp wallabies, red-necked wallabies, rare black cockatoos and powerful owls and many other birds. There are also fish to spot in the creeks, as well as frogs and water dragons. Looking out for wildlife along the way will add to the adventure of any walk. The best time to see wildflowers is in the spring, and a great place to look out for red-necked wallabies is in the grassy picnic area.


Picnics at the park

What better way to finish a great bush walk than to enjoy a picnic in the beautiful and tranquil surrounds? The picnic area has picnic tables, wood barbecues and firewood. There is a toilet and tap water, but the water is unsuitable for drinking unless sterilised, so it is best to bring plenty of drinking water. You can find out more about the park and its facilities and download a map here

Venman Bushland National Park is the perfect place to awaken the senses, witness conservation in action and connect with nature!

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