Who Put The Clay People There?

After attending one of our Nature Play QLD Personalised Workshops for educators, Sara Barbagallo from Ingham Community Kindergarten and Preschool "walked away inspired and motivated".

Here she shares the story of how the children in her centre reacted to the clay people they found in the garden on Monday morning (kindly left behind from our site specific workshop), and how this inspired the teachers to extend this experience by making their very own clay 'creatures'.

"Quickly, Sara, come and have a look at this," exclaimed Rosey.

We raced over to the tree and saw things on the  tree made of clay.

"I wonder how they got there," I pondered.

"Maybe someone gave them to us," said Rosey.

"Maybe the flood gived it," said Skylah.

"We need to look after them," said Rosey.

"Maybe they're from a hat that's broken," Alyssa G said.

The children discussed the clay creations (that had been left as a provocation from some nature training the kindy hosted on Saturday), and their imaginations ran wild!

"I wonder how it got hair," Skylah thought.

"This looks like a whale," said Cooper.

"My mum uses them at home," added Christian.

We looked at them closely and talked lots about them. The children were asked if they would like to make clay creatures, too.

"I want to make clay wolfs," said Alyssa G.

"I want to make playdough ones," said Skylah.

So we collected things from the yard in baskets to take inside for playdough. This was a lovely experience to watch as the children discussed what the loose parts were going to be on their creature. They chatted about eyes, mouths, making beds and boats for their creatures and what dinner they were going to have.

Check out the beautiful creatures! Zoe made a baby with curly hair, and Rosey's had a hat on its head.

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