Year 2


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Year 2 Lesson Plans:


1. Geography

  • The influence of purpose, distance and accessibility on the frequency with which people visit places (ACHASSK051)
  • Reflect on learning to propose how to care for places and sites that are important or significant (ACHASSI009, ACHASSI026, ACHASSI042)



2. Mathematics – Measurement and Geometry - Location and Transformation

  • Identify and describe half and quarter turns (ACMMG046)



3. English - Literacy - Creating Texts

  • Create short imaginative, informative and persuasive texts using growing knowledge of text structures and language features for familiar and some less familiar audiences (ACELY1671) 




4. Science - Physical Sciences + Design and Technology

  • A push or a pull affects how an object moves or changes shape (ACSSU033)
  • Explore how technologies use forces to create movement in products (ACTDEK002)
  • Use materials, components, tools, equipment and techniques to safely make designed solutions (ACTDEP007)
  • Use personal preferences to evaluate the success of design ideas, processes and solutions including their care for environment (ACTDEP008)
  • Sequence steps for making designed solutions and working collaboratively (ACTDEP009)


Missions found on the Passport Mission Control

Educators can order Passports in bulk for children when you pledge to participate in Outdoor Classroom Day QLD, or with the order form here

Register on the ‘Passport Mission Control’ website ( to receive access to hundreds of Nature Play Missions.  These missions easily become great in-class activities that encourage outdoor play and learning, creativity, discovery and exploration. 

When Missions are achieved, children are encouraged to reflect upon, comment on and rate each activity online. The physical passports are also used for documentation of activities.

Passport Missions can also be used as a homework alternative, with the bonus that children who have spent their afterschool hours outdoors, rather than in front of a screen, will be more engaged for learning the next day.

Read ‘How to use your Passport in Groups’ for more tips on how to use the Passports in education and for help on how to use the Passport Mission Control website.


51 Things To Do Before You’re 12

Challenge your students back to nature with this list of fun nature play and learning experiences.  These are some things that every kid should get to experience to create lifelong memories and healthy habits.

Share this list to inspire nature play:

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