Yulunga: Traditional Indigenous Games

Yulunga: Traditional Indigenous Games is a activity resource of over 100 traditional Indigenous games created to provide all Australians with an opportunity to learn about, appreciate and experience aspects of Indigenous culture.  Yulunga: Traditional Indigenous Games presents a selection of games and activities played in Australian Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander societies. Traditional pastimes have been included along with some more ‘modern’ activities. This book is based on extensive research, including several hundred accounts collected over many years from all parts of Australia and the Torres Strait Islands. 

Suitable for children and adults of all ages, abilities and backgrounds, Yulunga can be used in schools around Australia as an educational resource and as a guide to inclusive, structured sport within communities.

The games outlined in this resource are considered primarily as a contribution towards the implementation of Indigenous Australian perspectives across the education curriculum, from Kindergarten to Year 12 (K–12). 

Before printing, please note that the complete Yulunga resource is a 260 page document. If you do not wish to print the full resource, the individual games are available by age category or by game category.



Full resource: Yulunga: Traditional Indigenous Games (PDF document 8.5 MB)


Source: Sporting Schools Australia

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